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April 11 - April 17, 2006


Dry Tortugas National Park


Recently I had the privilege of spending several days in Dry Tortugas National Park. Take a look at a few of the photographs below and I think that you will begin to feel a sense of the wonder that I felt on these isolated tropical islands.


Entrance to Fort Jefferson at Night


Prairie Warbler - Garden Key


Short-eared Owl - Garden Key


Loggerhead Key at Sunset


Magnificent Frigatebirds - Long Key


The View from the Loggerhead Key Lighthouse


Sooty Terns and the Rising Sun - Garden Key


Hermit Crab - Garden Key


The Big Magazine in Fort Jefferson


Brown Pelicans Diving for Fish - Long Key


Brown Noddy - Bush Key


A three minute exposure taken as the full moon rises behind the Fort Jefferson harbor light


Cleared for Landing - Masked Booby - Hospital Key


Cattle Egret - Garden Key


Looking across the main yard of Fort Jefferson


Hooded Warbler - Garden Key


Between the Bastions - Fort Jefferson


Gray Kingbird - Garden Key


Magnificent Frigatebird (displaying male) - Long Key


Key West Seaplane as Viewed Through Fort Jefferson


Brown Noddy - Long Key


Brown Pelican - Garden Key


Sea Wall - Garden Key


Chuck-will's-Widow - Garden Key


"The Sooty Shake" - Bush Key


Bush Key in the foreground (Sooty Terns and Brown Noddies nest here)

Long Key stretching across the back (Magnificent Frigatebirds nest here)


Sunrise over the top wall of the fort


Masked Booby on nest - Hospital Key


Black-and-White Warbler - Garden Key


Masked Booby in flight - Hospital Key


The View from Fort Jefferson


Blackpoll Warbler - Garden Key


Sooty Tern chick - Long Key


Worm-eating Warbler after a bath - Garden Key


Loggerhead Key Lighthouse



   Images Judd Patterson